Wireless Broadband Networks

    Shopping centers, hotels, resorts, campuses, residences. Shortly, in every living areas: We provide 99,99% up-to-time wireless networks in Point to Point or Point to Multipoint architectures.

    Reaching up to 250 km distance and 368 Mbps speed

    We transform our our professionality, strengthened with 20 years of experience in RF technologies, into wireless networks for fields that have difficulties with effectivity and cabling costs so that we allow our customers reliable infrastructures for video, audio and data distribution with high performance.

    Why Us? Because we provide:

    • Motorola product quality for flexible, expandable networks that can be easily modified,
    • Easy network management, fault detections and solutions that can be executed by yourself,
    • Networks that can protect themselves from faults and interruptions with redundant architectures,
    • Non-stop system observation and support.


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