Solutions That Will Never Let You See Your TV Seat Available

    We break the distance and subscriber limits of all living and working areas by integrating fiber optic technology with ultra broadband TV systems that provide high display quality for long years. We supply headend and/or multiswitch Master Antenna TV (MATV/SMATV) systems on coaxial, fiber or hybrid cable plans, with high channel capacity for countless types of residences, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers and business centers.

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    What is SMATV/MATV?

    SMATV (Satellite Master Antenna TV), is based on the principle of distribution of terrestrial, satellite, analogue and/or digital signal streams, that are received by master antennas, to the multiple endpoints/televisions following broadcasting standarts and engineering rules. With increasing number of subcsribers in collective living areas and channel number request, Master Antenna TV systems save from the need of individual antennas and visual pollution, coming with individual systems. According to this, MATV systems are applied as a mandatory building infrastructure in many countries.

    Today, MATV/SMATV systems are applied on coaxial, fiber or hybrid cabling in and between plenty building types such as residences, hospitals, hotels, shopping centers, airports which are in need of multiple TV units. The most important quality indicator of master antenna TV systems is high display quality at the endpoints, which require a perfect engineering knowledge and choice of the right products. With our 20 years of RF experience, which makes us one of the first integrators in Turkey territory, we realized hundreds of projects including DVB-T,-S,-C and/or QAM applications by integrating fiber optic technology.We told our customers the difference between engineering and empty promises and then listened the quality results from their mouth: "A system which is easy to upgrade and providing a real TV comfort with perfect display quality, including good after sales services; briefly, it's 100% worth first investment costs."

    Today, while our customers still savor the display quality of their 20 years old master antenna systems, we enjoy our proud of being a high quality system integrator.


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