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    Do you provide internet and/or WiFi solutions to different users every day? Do you need to keep a record of browsing history or IP assignments of your users according to security or legal conditions?

    Cenetric povides a secure WiFi system which is fully customizable and easy to manage.
    Secure WLAN Technology
    Hotels, hospitals, business centers, restaurants, schools, campuses which have WiFi or cable internet infrastrıcture with many different users, need to keep the record of browsing history and IP assignments of every user due to any illegal or restricted browsing activity.
    Cenetric provides you a solution, which is developed by its visionary team and allows you to rule web access, keep the records of IP assignments and browsing history with only one device - including effective video, audio and data services.
    Main Features
    Our hotspot solution is especially customized system for hotels, restaurants, campuses,  airports and other business institutes which provide internet acces to their customers and personnel.
    IAPP (Internet Access Point Protocol) allows your users to roam between access points freely.
    Smart Network Management
    Thanks to CAPWAP (Control and Provisioning of Wireless Access Points) featured with EAP protocol, every connected access point in the network can be defined easily and their IP adresses can be changed automaticly in the way that is ruled in your system previously. Plus, all system can be managed via web interface and/or SNMP protocol.
    Groups and Service Quality
    With created and ruled groups it's easy to provide categorized access and browsing services. 8 group options support you to create your groups most effectively.
    Additionally, it's also possible to combine seperated levels of categorizations and scale with 4 different main categories (video, audio, background and performance) defined in the system. Each group can be defined with its hotspot and can act according to well defined rules. For example, a group named VoIP, can manage the WiFi phones in the hotspot, where its access points located.
    Firewall ve Rules
    The security levels identified in the firewall, start with "lowest level" and it's possible to filter all traffic on the cable WiFi (UDP, TCP) and/or activate/deactivate the ICMP packages which are used by network protocols.


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