We offer iptv solutions with Playroom iptv brand name for hotels, campus, offices.. Playroom IPTV is the product of 20 years of experience... It brings new products, ideas in hospitality Tv. Playroom is seperate 4 basic packages. IPTV Starter Package (PlayIPack), Interactive IPTV (PlayActive), Video On Demand (PlayMood), Digital Signage (PlayPromo). With this packages we provide ip-based solutions for hotels, headquarters, campus...Every Package has a private licence. Playroom starter package (PlayIpack) offers SD and HD channels according to your country or worldwide... Your guests can choose their languages on TV and they can create channel list as they wish. Also they can buy movies, products or services with Pay TV feature.
    Playroom IPTV Channel List
    Forget everything about IPTV you know until now. Playroom is a smart TV software which presents both of fun for you and technology and meets your current needs. You would follow the current agenda in different choices by watching lots of various world channels with the SD and HD options. Playroom IPTV, foresees to provide television broadcast at high standards for hotels and institutions. Each user who investigates this rich TV world, wants to benefit from different features of the system and the duration which user stays at hotel increases.
    We offer playroom iptv and pay tv system in two ways. The first and preferred method is set-top box system. Through a box, IPTV software used. The other method is TV embedded system. We're installing IPTV software to LG, Samsung or another TV brandnames so that the software, without the use of set-top boxes has been working on TV.

    Playroom IPTV System Features

    1- Channel List
    You can watch the different channels that have high quality image from each other from various categories and countries. You may create new channel lists and classify the channels on those lists as to guest’s language. Radio: You may listen the appropriate one for you among lots of radio channels and ath that time watch the slideshows which are compatible with the music. Pleasure of listening music accompanied by different visual images with a lot of different channel opportunities.
    Playroom Tv Channel List
    2- Pay TV
    Pay TV refers to subscription based television services, usually provided by both analog and digital cable and satellite television, but also increasingly via digital terrestrial and internet television. Subscription-based or pay television has resulted in a change in what type of content is broadcast by these networks. This model has led to networks creating much more specialized types of shows to influence viewers to subscribe. Due to unedited nature of premium services, it is typical for large amounts of profanity, nudity, sexual situations and other adult content to be shown.
    Playroom Pay Tv
    3- Devices
    Playroom IPTV system is designed for a variety of devices. It is not only for television. Designed for tablets and other mobile devices, android or ios app installed and used easily.You can use your device as a controller, IPTV can experience while surfing through the channels.
    playroom mobild devices
    About Playroom IPTV Interface
    Usage is extreme simple and rapid.
    While shifting among channels, there is not any freezing or interrupting
    It works smoothly with any PMS interface (Opera, Prestige, Acihotel, Classone-Allar and 7 stars, Sihot, Simhotel, Ulyses), (EPG)
    Both aesthetic and elegant user interface design
    Use of selection in 10 different languages (English, Turkish, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Arabic)
    It provides high defition (HD) picture screen over output of HDMI
    Playroom interface can be edited in accordance with the corporate identity
    It is compatible with all TV brand and types. By informing most effectively your clients about hotel campaign, institution and your services, Playroom achieves to introduce your services well and sell them.
    Your clients are informed on IPTV screen about the campaigns and activities with the help of messages which you send.
    We recommend two models to system work well; 
    1-VIP 1113
    Compact HD IP set-top box
    Innovative, sleek design
    Cost-effective, environmental-friendly
    RF remote control unit for hidden installations
    The ARRIS VIP 1113 is a feature-rich yet compact set-top box that users can place behind their TV sets or in a concealed location, while still enjoying high-quality IPTV services such as high-definition broadcast TV, time-shift, on-demand and interactive applications, as well as over-the-top (OTT) services. The VIP1113’s compact design minimizes its impact on the environment. Equipped with an RF transceiver, the VIP1113 is ideal for hospitality applications. Part of ARRIS comprehensive end-to-end IPTV solution suite, the VIP1113 enables operators to effectively compete with traditional TV broadcasters while bringing down the cost of delivering compelling, next-generation HD IP video experiences. 
    arris set top box iptv
    2-VIP 1003
    Digital TV functionality, high-quality broadcast TV and interactive electronic program guide (EPG)
    Two-way IP capabilities to support such multiple interactive TV applications, such as video/TV on demand, nPVR with time shift and catch up TV
    Feature-rich interactive applications and graphics, including Flicker, RSS news feed and home networking (DLNA)
    Digital video scaling and hardware support for picture-in-picture
    It allows operators to expand their subscriber base, increase customer satisfaction and grow their average revenue per user by offering their consumers rich home-entertainment experiences with crystal-clear HD picture and surround sound as well as the flexibility of watching on-demand services whenever they want.Part of the ARRIS comprehensive end-to-end IPTV solution suite, the VIP1003 enables operators to effectively compete with traditional TV broadcasters while bringing down the cost of delivering compelling, next-generation HD IP video experiences.



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