Our Partners

  • The connection ports, which always play a critical role for trouble-free infrastructures, are under protection of PPC brand since half century. Thanks to their adapters, jumper cables, connectors and installation equipments that allow professional practice, we prove the importance of quality of connection apparatus. Click here to review our PPC products.
  • DEVISER, producing for TV and broadcast sector all over 20 years, provide instruments for monitoring wired & wireless communication networks, fibers, spectrum and signal analysis and locating. Since their leadership in RF measurement instruments, we partner with DEVISER as exclusive distributor for Turkey territory. Click here to review our DEVISER products.
  • Trilithic products, which are one of the first of test equipments in the world, provide essential and professional measuring and monitoring solutions for the networks for many years, with a wide product portfolio. Click here to review our Trilithic products.
  • With the German world leader of test and measurement equipments, we support the wired & wireless networks of our customers and help them to keep their networks under control.
    Click here to review our KWS products.

  • WISI & Vizyon exclusive partnershipthat has been going since 1996led to identification two brands together in Turkey market through the release of WISI products with Vizyon's guarantee and high quality service policy. WISI products, which are the results of German engineering, allow long-term and smoothly running networks for residential, cable TV, business and outdoor infrastructures and IPTV systems. Click here to review our WISI products.


  • We partner with the power of Motorola Solutions for our solutions such as Wired and Wireless Broadband, Cable Modem Termination Systems (CMTS) and for system supporting products. Click here to review our Motorola products.



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  • To follow new system trends and develop effective solutions, we were at ANGA. To visit the official website of the fair, please click.
  • We're in Maldives for a new IPTV System!